Find Hope and Support at These 5 New Orleans Fertility Clinics

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Infertility is a unique struggle that only a select amount of people understand. While around 20% of women trying to conceive will have some difficulty, it’s easy to feel like you’re completely isolated throughout the process. Meanwhile, you receive comment after comment from people around you wondering when you’re “finally going to settle down and have a baby.” It’s enough to make you want to give up entirely. If you have been struggling with infertility, it might be time to start working with a professional. With these New Orleans fertility clinics, you will have compassionate assistance when starting your family. 

Find Support In Growing Your Family At These New Orleans Fertility Clinics

Audubon Fertility

4321 Magnolia St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Audubon Fertility is one of the most incredible clinics staffed by a team of amazing New Orleans women who are passionate about helping you start your family. Led by Dr. Lindsay Wells and Dr. Nicole Ulrich, the providers will make you feel heard every step of the way. Throughout their appointments, they take the time to get to know you so they can tailor their services to your needs. The office itself is cozy and modern, designed to feel more like a home than a medical clinic. 

The team offers services ranging from basic to advanced. They will have an appointment to get to know the best approach for you. They can schedule a fertility assessment where they get to know your cycle and test your partner’s fertility. From there, they can offer ovulation induction and timed intercourse, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and frozen embryo transfer. They provide additional services, including minimally invasive reproductive surgery and third-party donor options. 

The Fertility Institute

4770 S |-10 Service Road West, Suite 201, Metairie, Louisiana 70001

Since The Fertility Institute first opened its doors in 1976, it has been responsible for over 20,000 pregnancies. As one of the oldest fertility clinics in New Orleans, they still take a personalized approach, getting to know each and every patient. So they can connect them with the best resources for their individualized case. They are very open about their high success rate and have it all laid out online so you can analyze their numbers. They also offer financing plans and will work with your insurance so you can find an affordable way to conceive. 

The center will get to the base of your problems through a consultation that you can have either in-person or through telehealth. They can treat both male and female infertility and have a large team of providers, so you can work with the one that’s the best match for you. They offer ovulation induction, fertility testing and preservation, surgery, genetic testing, intrauterine insemination, male fertility treatments, and in vitro fertilization. 

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Woman’s New Life Clinic

4612 S. Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70125

Woman’s New Life Clinic has fertility clinics in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, so you can have care that’s close to you. The clinic offers a more natural approach to your fertility. They will work with you one-on-one so you can understand your body a little bit better. They teach the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, the Family of the Americas Ovulation Method, and Fertility Education and Medical Management, all of which use charting to help you learn about your fertility. 

While the center offers Louisiana locals a place where they can come and work with an expert one-on-one, they have tons of options for people who are working from a distance. They ask that you meet with them for your first appointment, but from there, you can have all follow-up appointments over the phone. All the providers have received a Family of the Americas Teacher certification, so they can be there to answer all of your questions. 

Tulane Doctors – Reproductive Endocrinology & Fertility

1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

Tulane Doctors – Reproductive Endocrinology & Fertility offers both basic and advanced care for your case. The fertility clinics are led by P. Ronald Clisham, a New Orleans OB-GYN with years of experience. He has been recognized as one of the top fertility doctors in New Orleans through a NOLA Baby Magazine’s Reader Survey. His commitment to excellence has been relentless in helping families find solutions for growing their families. 

The center can meet with you to help you get to the bottom of your individual struggle. They are experts when it comes to conditions that can lead to difficulty conceiving. You will find assistance for endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding, and recurrent pregnancy loss. They offer infertility treatments, including intrauterine insemination, ovulation induction, assisted reproductive technologies, and male fertility solutions. Beyond just providing you with physical help, they can connect you with emotional support so you can have comfort through every step of the process. 

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Louisiana Women’s Healthcare

500 Rue de la Vie, Suite 100, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817

Louisiana Women’s Healthcare is the first place to go when you suspect you might be dealing with infertility. Their fertility clinics offer comprehensive New Orleans women’s care and will be there for everything from routine exams to abnormal menstrual issues. The practice’s providers take pride in their personalized approach to care. They will answer your questions and never dismiss your concerns. 

You can book an initial consultation where you will go over your health history. Your doctor will discuss whether intervention might be necessary. One of their solutions might be to try medication, and they will find the one that has the best chance at success. They might also suggest surgery for chronic conditions. The practice offers minimally invasive surgeries for fibroids and ovarian cysts. This can also be an option for getting a better understanding of why you might be struggling to conceive. While the office does not offer IVF, they will be able to refer you to local practices that will. They will continue to work with you throughout the entire process and ensure you always have the assistance you need. The office can also offer preconception counseling if you’re just at the beginning of your journey into parenthood. 

My Egg Bank

Operating as a renowned fertility clinic, My Egg Bank in Metairie specializes in comprehensive egg freezing and fertility preservation services for individuals and couples. With experienced fertility specialists and cutting-edge technology, the clinic offers personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs and goals. Nonetheless, patients can expect compassionate care, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment throughout their fertility journey.

These Incredible New Orleans Fertility Clinics Want To Help Grow Your Family

You don’t have to wait to find solutions for growing your family. These New Orleans fertility clinics offer compassionate guidance and financing options to help you every step of the way. Give them a look today so you can find the one that fits your unique needs. 

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