Find the Best Birth Support With These 6 New Orleans Doulas

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Pregnancy can be a time filled with the unknown. It seems like every day brings another mystery, whether you’re dealing with a new symptom or trying to find out what you can expect for your delivery. If there was ever a time when you needed some one-on-one help, it’s now! If you could really use some guidance for your journey into parenthood, you might want to consider working with a doula. These trained experts are here to serve as your coach, providing you with emotional support as well as advice. They will be there to help you make the big decisions throughout your pregnancy so you can have the experience that is right for you. With these New Orleans doulas, you will have exceptional guidance as you prepare for your baby. 

Take On Birth, Labor, And Beyond With These Incredible New Orleans Doulas

Birthmark Doula

Birthmark Doulas is a one-of-a-kind New Orleans agency that was founded for the purpose of creating justice within the birth world. The group sets out to be advocates for everyone by removing the barriers that are all too common for new mothers. They offer childbirth education, lactation support, and doulas. Before your delivery, you can book a birth doula who will provide you with support and work with you to create the ideal birth plan. You’ll start out by having a free virtual client intake where you will discuss prices as well as expectations. While they do advise trying to find a doula around your second trimester, they can start working with you at any time. In addition, they offer in-home postpartum visits where they will listen to you, hold your baby, and help you out with some household tasks. 

Nola Nesting

6024 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

Nola Nesting was created to give New Orleans parents a village of doulas and support as they transitioned into parenthood. They have a diverse team of birth workers, so you can find the one that suits your family perfectly. The center offers childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, support groups, and breastfeeding support. They have a doula mentorship, so they can work with the doulas around the area to improve your experiences. Their childbirth doulas will provide you with two prenatal visits, a breastfeeding course, ongoing virtual support throughout your pregnancy, in-person support throughout your delivery, and a postpartum visit. Their postpartum doulas will take on light housekeeping, do some meal prep, help out with siblings, provide you with nonjudgmental support, and be your friend as you get through the newborn stage. 

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Louisiana Baby Company

Louisiana Baby Company was founded by Amy Willson, an expert who decided to become a doula after her second baby was born. She knows firsthand how much your postpartum experience can improve with the help of a doula, and she wants to make sure you have that option. Louisiana Baby Company primarily offers postpartum support. 

Your doula will come to your house following the birth of your baby and find ways to help out. They can help you establish breastfeeding but will support whatever feeding option you decide is best for your family. They can assist with things such as light meal prep, family care, and sleep coaching. Their main goal will be to educate you. With their help, you will learn what to be aware of as you recover from either vaginal or cesarean births. They will also work with you to teach you how to recognize the symptoms of a potential postpartum mood disorder. 

All Ways Supported Birth

Jenna Iberg Johnson really meant it when she chose the name All Ways Supported Birth. This fabulous doulas organization was founded to help all New Orleans parents as they transitioned into parenthood. Jenna’s belief is that no one knows your body as well as you. As such, she wants to give you an education so you know how to make the decisions that honor your body the most. She provides support to all birthing persons so they can have the birth experience that’s right for them. Throughout your pregnancy, she will be available for continuous phone, text, and email support. You will have 2 prenatal appointments in the location of your choice. She will remain by your side throughout your delivery and serve as your fiercest advocate. In addition, Jenna works as a postpartum doula, providing both emotional and hands-on support. 

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Bella Doulas

Bella Doulas is a service offered by Brittany, a certified birth and postpartum doula. Brittany has always been passionate about birth work, but the role of a doula gained more significance in her life after she went through a hard childbirth. Brittany saw what a huge difference her doula had made, and she instantly wanted to provide this service to others. Her goal is to make you feel empowered through every second of your birth. 

Throughout your pregnancy, you will have unlimited phone and text support with your New Orleans doulas. So you can get answers to all your questions. She will give you two in-home prenatal visits where she will get to know all about your expectations. During labor, she will be by your side and ensure your voice is heard. In addition to her work as a birth doula, Brittany provides placenta encapsulation and can add this service to her birth packages. 

Labor and Love Doula Services

Labor and Love is a maternal-child service that is highly recommended by the OB-GYNs and the midwives of the New Orleans area. They have a long list of birth services that will elevate your experience and ensure you feel ready for your new addition. You can come to them for breastfeeding assistance, birth planning, and childbirth education. 

Jazmin Sylve serves as the center’s primary birth doula. She is passionate about ensuring every parent has exceptional help throughout their pregnancy and delivery. She will be your advocate during labor and will make sure your birth plan is honored as much as possible. You can start out with a consultation so you can learn all about her services before you commit. The center offers additional packages that will give you postpartum support in 2-hour increments. 

You Will Love Having These New Orleans Doulas By Your Side

By partnering with a doula, you will have exceptional assistance as you prepare to meet your baby. Check out these New Orleans Doulas today so you can find the expert that’s right for you. 

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