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An indulgent maternity photographic experience

Maternity Photographer

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Beautiful pictures and so patient and sweet! Can't stop staring at the pictures she takes.

- Daniel and Kayla Allen




Can't stop 

staring at the pictures



Give yourself a chance to channel your “inner goddess”

As a complimentary service for my clients and creating a stress-free experience for all expecting moms that best represent my style.

  • 40+ wardrobe options in my client closet at no additional fee.

  • With access to my client closet you are offered a complimentary wardrobe consultation where you can come to the studio and try on outfits that interest you.

  • The sizes in the closet are all inclusive, currently ranging from XS-XXL.

  • The dresses are all meant to be flattering on any new mom and can work for both maternity and non-maternity.

exclusive access to stunning maternity gowns 

featuring timeless, feminine and stunning motherhood, child and baby wardrobe

What's included in your luxury photography experience?

Gowns, props, 
children outfits, and 



Fine Art

Custom Wall Art
Album Design


Your belly will be nice and round 6-10 weeks prior to your due date. This is the time I recommend.

All the more reason to have one now! As a maternity photographer, I feel strongly that every woman should have at least one professional photograph of them during pregnancy to help remind them of all they accomplished. Pregnancy can be HARD and so often our memories of the time are so limited and skewed. Ensure you have at least one photo from that time in your life that you can look back on and it will make you feel like the powerhouse you are! 

YES!!! While the pictures may be all about you and the baby growing inside of you, adding those you love most can take a shot to an entirely new level.

There is a play area for them and you may bring along toys or electronics for their entertainment.