Find 4 Expert Lactation Consultants in New Orleans For Extra Help

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When you are pregnant, you constantly hear about the benefits of breastfeeding. You know that it builds up your baby’s immunity, provides them with wholesome nourishment, and allows you to bond during the nursing sessions. Plus, it’s the cheapest option out there! The only issue is that breastfeeding is not always easy. Sure, it’s a natural process, but sometimes your baby doesn’t exactly want to cooperate. Maybe they can’t quite latch or don’t want to move into the proper position. And even if they’re champs, your body is also trying to adjust. From insufficient supply to clogged ducts, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you are determined to nurse but can’t quite seem to get it, you may want to consider working with lactation consultants in New Orleans.

Get The Help You Need From These Incredible Lactation Consultants In New Orleans

Nola Nesting

6024 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

Nola Nesting is a practice that was founded to support moms through pregnancy and early parenthood. The center is committed to evidence-based care. They want to ensure you can learn all about your options and make the decisions that are best for your family. The center has been voted a Nola Family Family Favorite because of their exceptional doula care. They offer childbirth classes, birth and postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation, and parent support groups. They will be your entire support system as you welcome your baby into this world.

The New Orleans center offers lactation consultants that you can meet within a space that’s most comfortable for you. Want to stay home in your cozy pajamas and have a consultation in the glider? They will meet you there! Prefer to get away from the house? Then you can come into their office. The center works with insurance and provides a private pay option. They can address all your concerns, assess a feeding, and offer practical solutions. You can also book a prenatal class so you can go into delivery feeling completely prepared. 

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Ochsner Health

2700 Napoleon Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Ochsner Health is a network of medical centers dedicated to keeping New Orleans residents feeling their very best. They are constantly looking for new ways to partner with the community and empower locals to take their healthcare into their own hands. The center offers exceptional women’s care, including prenatal appointments and labor services.

Before your baby is born, you can get prepared with their prenatal consultations. During these appointments, you can work with an expert to receive personalized answers to any of your concerns. They can teach you how to get fitted for a nursing bra and help you create a plan for pumping while returning to work. They also offer an additional prenatal breastfeeding class where you can learn alongside other expecting parents. Following your baby’s birth, you can come in for lactation consultant counseling within their New Orleans office. Here, they can get a firsthand look at your concerns and provide you with solutions. The center has a line you can call whenever you need for breastfeeding concerns. In addition, they have a program that lets you buy all the supplies you need. 

Advanced Breastfeeding Medicine

3305 Metairie Road, Metairie, Louisiana 70001

Advanced Breastfeeding Medicine is a center that was founded by Dr. Lisa Credo. For nearly ten years, Dr. Credo has been focused on making breastfeeding more accessible for everybody. She has worked with The Gift–an organization founded by the Louisiana Department of Health–and is a founding member of the Capital Area Breastfeeding Alliance in Baton Rouge. Her belief is that because breastfeeding is so beneficial to both moms and babies, everyone should have the assistance they need. She wants to work with you to get past any potential barriers so you can have a pleasant breastfeeding journey. 

Dr. Credo can provide you with care starting in the prenatal stage. The practice offers feeding plans for people who may have had previous breastfeeding difficulties or have received breast surgery. They also offer medical induction of milk production for those going through adoption or surrogacy. Following your New Orleans baby’s birth, their lactation consultants can offer assistance with positioning, latching, or weaning. They provide practical medical care for breast pain, infections, clogged ducts, and mastitis. In addition, they can care for your baby through evaluating growth, assessing their intake, providing treatment for tongue tie, and managing allergies. 

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6100 Canal Blvd, #205, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124

Birthmark is a doula collective dedicated to advocating for people in the early years of parenthood. Their goal is to make sure you are informed through every step of your journey. Whether they are leading you through childbirth classes or helping you prepare for delivery, they are helping you find the options that make the most sense for your family. Because they want to ensure every parent has access to the necessary care, they offer a sliding scale for qualifying families. 

Before your baby is born, you can stop by the center for their After Birth course. During this, you will learn all about what you can expect through the postpartum season. They will prepare you for the initial breastfeeding sessions and will tell you all about potential complications so you can face them head-on. Following your baby’s birth, you can book their lactation services. They give you the chance to come into their clinic for an in-person visit. If you would prefer, they can come to your home or help you virtually. During your appointment, they will assess feeding and get to the bottom of your concerns. The center tends to be a favorite spot for families all across New Orleans, so they urge you to call them right away so you can have quick care.

You Will Love The Support From These Wonderful Lactation Consultants In New Orleans

Just because complications while breastfeeding are common does not make them any less frustrating. With these New Orleans lactation consultants, you can have the care you need for a happier nursing journey. 

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