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Midwives have been helping women welcome babies into the world for generations. These steadfast women (and even a few men) help growing families take a non-medical approach to childbirth, embracing it as the natural experience that it is. From prenatal care to labor and delivery assistance to postpartum support, midwives are experts in women’s care. Here in New Orleans, we have several fantastic midwifery practices from which expectant families can choose. Check out these great New Orleans midwives

The Best New Orleans Midwives for a Nurturing Birth Experience

New Orleans Midwives

Firstly, New Orleans Midwives is a team of two CNM/LNs passionate about helping women in this transformative phase of life. They offer a “nurturing, no-nonsense environment in which to safely grow and birth your baby” that keeps the focus on the family. When you become a part of the New Orleans Midwives family, you and your baby will receive holistic, gentle, and empowering care through pregnancy into early parenthood. 

They will assist you throughout the prenatal phase. When it comes time to deliver your baby, they’ll be at your side in your home, making sure everything goes smoothly. New Orleans Midwives combine evidence-based care with gentle support. They provide a women-centered practice that lets growing families enjoy each moment of this incredible journey. parent hands on baby photo session

Saige Birth Center

Saige Birth Center is a trusted midwifery practice with a beautiful birth center. Led by Naturopath and Licensed Midwife Tiffany Dietrich, Saige Birth Center has two spacious birth suites with comfortable tubs, large beds, and seating for family members. As a patient of Saige Birth Center, you’ll be able to choose whether you deliver in the birth center or the comfort of your own home. 

Tiffany (and her birth center practice partner Mishell) treat every family they serve with the utmost care while supporting, soothing, and empowering throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. They also offer opportunities for expectant moms to build their community. These opportunities include prenatal classes, postpartum support groups, lactation support, and prenatal yoga. 

Midwife Grace

Grace Midwifery Collective offers individualized, evidence-based care that empowers each mom-to-be they serve with confidence and inspiration. Midwife Grace Jackson started out as a doula before realizing her calling following her own home birth experience. Today, she and her midwife partner, Star, have created a wonderful practice with a bright, serene birth studio that will make you feel at home. 

It has a private entrance and every birthing tool you could imagine, including a large tub for waterbirths. Of course, if you prefer, they will happily assist you in a home birth, too. Wherever you decide to welcome your baby into the world, Grace Midwifery will provide all of the support, care, and attention you need to feel safe and secure. 

New Orleans Midwives

In conclusion, the support of a great midwife can make all the difference in an empowering, family-centric birth experience. Their expertise, experience, and genuine passion for women, babies, and motherhood make them a great alternative for anyone contemplating an out-of-hospital birth. These New Orleans midwives are ready to serve families in our community as they welcome new little ones. Contact them to see if you’re a great fit sooner rather than later – great midwives are in high demand! 

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