3 Baton Rouge Birth Centers in Louisiana for Your Birth

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If you’re thinking about where to deliver your baby, you may consider a birth center. This type of medical facility tends to be more home-like than a traditional hospital and often provides midwives or nurse midwives to care for birthing people. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of Baton Rouge birth centers to help you figure out which might be the best fit for your family.A mom to be in the studio laying on the bed with fabric at New Orleans birth center

Check Out These Baton Rouge Birth Centers

Birth Center of Baton Rouge

The Birth Center of Baton Rouge is a center run by experienced midwives. Their goal is to provide a safe, home-like environment for a fulfilling birth experience. They provide state of the art prenatal care and labor and delivery services. The center also provides home visits in the days following birth to check on your recovery.

Supports for Expectant Parents

This Baton Rouge birth center has a wide variety of classes for expecting parents, including:

  • Yoga: An instructor leads prenatal classes each Saturday. Even if you’re not a patient at the center, you can attend with a waiver from your care provider.

  • Comfort Measures: Wondering what on earth a birth ball is for? This class teaches the answer as well as the skills you need to cope with labor. These techniques can be helpful to anyone interested in a low-intervention birth.

  • Hypnobabies: In this class, you’ll learn how to leverage the mind-body connection to stay calm and collected during the intensity of labor.

  • Natural Childbirth Series: This four-part series covers everything you need to know about natural childbirth from anatomy and physiology to labor positions.

Baton Rouge General

At Baton Rouge General, the birth center is a more traditional hospital environment. The doctors and nurses here are equipped to support natural and epiduralized labor. The spacious rooms have tubs for laboring, birthing balls, and other tools for comfort measures.  

Supports for Expectant Parents

The Baton Rouge General birth center offers three classes virtually. Each comes with associated videos and virtual tools. The classes are:

  • Understanding Birth: This class gives an overview of comfort techniques, birth options, and common medical procedures.

  • Your Newborn: In those first days of parenthood, you may find yourself asking “Is this normal?” This course walks you through what to expect in caring for a newborn as well as important safety information.

  • Breastfeeding: Baton Rouge General has a weekday lactation consultant, but it can be really helpful to have an understanding of the mechanics of breastfeeding before a baby is born. This course includes a guide to different breastfeeding positions, how to get a good latch, and information about feeding cues. 

Ochsner Family Birthing Center

This Baton Rouge birth center is a more tailored experience in a full-service hospital. A team of OB/GYNs works collaboratively with midwives. One of the perks of a birthing center like this is that your birth team has access to the hospital and all its resources should something unexpected happen. It can be comforting to know there’s that backup.A pregnant mom laying in the bed with gold fabric draped over her body.

Supports for Expectant Parents

Ochsner provides a series of classes to help expectant parents prepare for childbirth and newborn care. Since Ochsner is a statewide system, patients get virtual access to classes happening in New Orleans as well. Ochsner Baton Rouge is also recognized as Baby-Friendly, meaning it provides a high level of support for breastfeeding parents and newborns.


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