“Finding the Perfect Lafayette LA Newborn Photographer: Expert Tips and Recommendations from Morgan City Studio”

A newborn poses on a blue backdrop for a Lafayette LA photographer.

“Capturing Timeless Memories: A Guide to Choosing a Lafayette LA Newborn Photographer”

So you’re preparing for your little one’s arrival, and between folding tiny clothes and writing baby shower thank you cards, it hits you. You need to schedule your newborn photos. It can seem a little overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Using my years of experience as a newborn photographer, I’ve put together this guide to help you find a Lafayette LA photographer. Take a look and learn what to look for in the perfect newborn photographer.

A newborn baby poses with a teddybear in a wooden crib.

A Lafayette LA Photographer with Newborn Experience

When it comes to newborn photos, not every Lafayette LA photographer is equally qualified. Have you seen those darling pictures of babies swaddled in baskets or propped with their hands under their sleeping faces? It takes specialized skills to work with those props. When a pose isn’t possible, a photographer may opt to use composite photos, combining multiple photos into one whimsical image. That takes know-how with editing software in addition to posing.

To get those sweet newborn photos safely, it’s important to find a photographer with specialized training. I take classes and seminars to stay up to date on the latest safety information as it relates to posing newborns. It’s so important with delicate newborns that photographers know how to pose them without compromising their safety. Don’t be afraid to ask your newborn photographer if they have similar training.

newborn baby boy snuggling teddy bear in Lafayette LA portrait studio

Just like an experienced newborn photographer should have specialized training, they’ll have equipment to make the session more comfortable. Little things like a white noise machine can help keep a baby calm and sleepy. I also keep camera equipment for specific images. My macro lens comes in handy for those heartwarming photos of little hands and toes. Soft boxes and other tools keep light even without bothering babies.

Of course, nothing can tell you more about a Lafayette LA photographer than their reviews. I’ve photographed hundreds of newborns and families. I never get tired of sharing in their excitement when they receive their photos. Parents Omar and Ashley shared these kind words: “If you’re looking for a kind, patient and gifted photographer for any occasion look no more. Melinda was very gentle and patient with my newborn and paid attention to every detail.” 

5 Helpful Tips for Newborn Photos 

Before you reach out to your Lafayette LA photographer, there are a few things that are helpful to know. Newborn photography is a unique experience. There’s a little more to it than showing up at a location in a nice outfit the way an adult can. These tips will help you get the most out of your session.

A newborn on a white backdrop wears a floral headband.

1. Schedule your session ahead of time.

As soon as you know which Lafayette LA photographer you want to work with, reach out to them. The best time for newborn photos is in the first few weeks after your baby is born. This is when they’re most predictably at their sleepiest, which makes posing them with props easier. If you know for sure when your baby will be born, get on a photographer’s calendar sooner than later. I sometimes have families call me from the hospital before bringing their babies home. Once you get home, you won’t want to worry about scheduling the photo session on top of caring for a newborn.

2. Pick the right style of photography for you.

Every Lafayette LA photographer has their own style. They all generally fall into the buckets Fresh 48, Lifestyle, and Studio. 

  • Fresh 48 photos are taken within the first two days of a baby’s life. This can be great or inconvenient depending on other factors, such as recovery from birth and childcare for other kids.
  • Lifestyle photos are taken at home. If you’re very attached to your home, this can be a nice way to document it. Many families find it stressful to try to make a house picture-ready for a photographer, though.
  • Studio newborn photos are where you get classic images of babies snuggled in wraps, tucked in baskets, and sleeping with lovies. Often families choose to work with a Lafayette LA photographer with a studio because it’s convenient for everyone. 

Newborn photography shows a baby posed in a basket in Lafayette LA.

3. Think about anything special you want to bring.

Even if you do newborn photos in a studio, there’s no reason they need to feel generic. Your little one is one-of-a-kind. You can personalize your photos more by bringing family heirlooms or objects that hold special meaning for you. Your Lafayette LA photographer can help you brainstorm ideas if you feel stuck. 

4. Work with a Lafayette LA photographer who won’t rush your session.

Like I said, newborn photo sessions aren’t like other types of photography. They take time because babies are a bit unpredictable. That’s ok! It’s important to find a photographer willing to take breaks and follow your baby’s lead. I only book one newborn session each day at my studio because I want to take the time to give families the best possible experience.

5. Know that it’s worth the effort!

If all of this sounds like a lot, just know that those newborn photos are worth every minute of research and planning. Children change so fast! In a matter of weeks, they’ll be like different people. Newborn photos will preserve this fleeting moment forever. 

A baby sits in a wooden high chair leaning on a pillow in a newborn photography pose.

A Simple Process for Busy Families

One thing people sometimes forget when they’re looking for their Lafayette LA photographer? Find someone who will make the newborn photography experience easy for you. You’ll enjoy it more if you’re not constantly wondering what comes next or if you’re doing the right thing to prepare for your session. Caring for a newborn is complicated enough. A newborn photo session should be as fun and relaxing as possible.

I’ve created a blog with a wealth of resources for my clients, and my pre-session process ensures they have the experience they want. Before a session, I call clients and walk them through what to expect. We talk through everything from poses to props to colors. When families know what to expect, they can enjoy the experience more.

When you work with a professional newborn photographer, ask what resources they have available for you in their studio. I have an extensive wardrobe of clothes, wraps, hats, props, and blankets. I even keep a selection of adult dresses on hand. Clients don’t need to bring anything to their newborn session.  

A Lafayette LA photographer photographs a newborn baby in a crib.

Studio Newborn Photos with a Lafayette LA Photographer

I mentioned earlier that it’s convenient to do newborn photography in a studio, and it’s so true. Aside from housing an extensive wardrobe, my studio includes sitting areas, a play area for siblings, and a changing station for babies. I’m able to control the environment. The light, temperature, and sounds are designed to keep a newborn calm in their adorable poses while parents relax.

My newborn photography studio is in Morgan City, Louisiana. Morgan City is a quaint little town. It’s perfect for a day out with your family. We have interesting museums and beautiful parks. After your morning at the studio, you can relax with a cupcake from Sweet and Simple Coffee and Treats. The walkable downtown includes unique shops in historic buildings. 

Morgan City is around an hour and fifteen minute drive from Lafayette along US-90 East. The scenic drive goes faster than you’d think! After a newborn photo session for their baby Chandler, Lafayette parents Ashanti and Bianca said it was well worth the drive. They said, “The studio’s atmosphere was not only soothing for the baby, but for parents, too! It was probably the first time we got to relax.” I always strive to give my clients such a relaxing experience.

A newborn baby is silhouetted against a white back drop.

Omar and Ashley, whom I mentioned earlier, traveled from even farther away than Lafayette. Here’s what they said afterward: “We live two hours away and it was worth the drive. We can’t wait to return for more pictures.” It’s definitely worth taking a day to document photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Heirlooms Created to Last Generations

Before you head to your newborn photo session, think about what kind of heirlooms you’ll want afterward. Digital photos tend to collect dust on a thumb drive. I’ve found that newborn photos are best appreciated when they’re able to be held or seen regularly in the home. After all, they’re intended to be heirlooms, a timeless reminder of this beautiful moment in your life. That deserves pride of place in your home. 

Ask your Lafayette LA photographer what products they have available for purchase. Then imagine where you might want the photos available. You might want large prints for your wall, tabletop photos for family members, or even an album from this once-in-a-lifetime session. I offer wall art, storyboards, albums, and table top canvases. Storyboards are especially great for families who want to add milestone photos over the first year.

A newborn baby snuggles a teddy bear in a Lafayette LA photographer studio.

Would you like me to photograph your child’s newborn photos? I’d love to be your Lafayette LA photographer! At my Morgan City studio, I’ll document the precious early days of your baby’s life while you enjoy a boutique experience. Reach out to me here!


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