I've photographed hundreds of mothers and babies since I opened my business in 2012.

Maternity and newborn photography is my specialty and primary focus and not just one of many photography styles I offer.

Because of this, I have all the experience and equipment you could possibly need on hand to give you a comfortable, easy, and worry free session.

The end result is more than just perfect photographs.

It’s being able to take something completely off your to-do list during a time when everything feels more hectic than it should be.

Working together, I can ensure you receive a top-notch session from the first phone call to the final products in your hand.


Because I can promise you....

Why hire me? 

Professional photographer,
Melinda Gilmore

....a boutique and stress free experience you just can’t get anywhere else.

As a mother and “Nay-nay”, I consider my family my legacy and I know just how fast time flies by.

That baby bump and those tiny toes & sweet smiles turn into big kids faster than we can ever imagine while you’re in the thick of daily life.

As your photographer, I’m here to help you freeze time- for a glorious moment- so you will always be able to go back and reminisce about this special season of your life.

With these photographs, you will have the beginnings of your meaningful collection of family heirlooms which will last for generations to come.

We love Melinda Gilmore Photography. Melinda captures the sweetest moments for our family. Not only are her pictures beautiful but the overall experience is so much fun. She makes sure to have everything set up and ready to go for each session and has everything you need there at her studio. Everything is so clean and I can tell she puts in so much time preparing for the session. 100% recommend her. 

- Kayla Allen





ready to go



As you can see, I’m a big believer that you can never learn enough about your chosen field.

Luckily for you, that means that I will always be on the top of my game. You can feel confident you have someone you can trust behind the camera to deliver the perfect photographs you desire.

An in person class was with Amy McDaniel of Dew Drops Photography for newborn photography. Her style is very similar to mine and is best described as timeless and natural.


In person training with Ana Brandt, one of the most recognized newborn photographers in the world, Tustin, CA. I started to invest in an assortment of classes to ensure I was at the top of the game when it came to both posing newborns and the safety aspects which may arise.


One-on-one training, Mary Macomber of Pebbles and Polka Dots, Worcester, M.
My time with her was my true “ah-ha!” moment that made me realize this was where I wanted to focus my time, energy and talents. 


Started my photography business working out of my home but was able to open my studio two years later. 


Photography Institute in San Francisco, CA where I received my foundation in all things photography and camera. 


It’s all about education and experience.


My most recent in person class was with Josie Tan & Kristina Banks Photography in Las Vegas. Their newborn style is similar to mine; organic, timeless, and natural. Learning maternity styling and posing with Studio Evergreen was by far the best maternity workshop. Learning how to create jaw-dropping, elegant, and sex maternity portraits. 

What are some of yours?

Annual family vacation with my parents, my children, and grandchildren. Our favorite place to travel is Gatlinburg. TN. 

I give my children and grandchildren a gift of new pajamas every Christmas Eve.

Each year in the Fall,  my extended family gets an updated family photo. I set up the tri-pod and capture our new year's images and give everyone prints as holiday gifts.

Family traditions: We get milestone pictures of each of our grand children, especially through the first year. Trust me, I know how quickly they change physically and their personality - so important to capture that. 


My husband and I with our daughter (and her family) and our son. 

I've been married to my best friend, Troy, for almost 31 years. I'm often asked, "What is the secret to a long lasting relationship?" It's simple advice, but not always easy to do. We've learned over time, that it's best if we are always honest and to talk about what we're feeling. Marriage is work, but just like anything else we cherish in our life, you work at it. It’s that "give and take" you hear about it - and Troy "gives" more than he takes so is a great bonus for me. :-)

I’m totally obsessed with chimpanzees; I help support Chimp Haven - the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary here in Louisiana. They rescue chimpanzees that were formerly used for biomedical research.

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies in the spring and summertime. There’s something about growing your own vegetables that makes me happy.

I love collecting all sorts of bags; shopping bags, thermal bags, totes, you name it - I love bags, but I’m also a wanna-be minimalist. I know this is a contradiction and could explain why I'm not a very successful minimalist!

The important things