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Legacy Maternity Photos for Brittany

Pregnancy is a time of incredible change. Maternity photos can be a powerful way of celebrating a pregnant person’s beauty and creating heirlooms for the next generation. For Brittany’s studio session, she chose to do glamorous solo portraits followed by family photos outdoors. 

Brittany’s Studio Maternity Photos

Brittany and her family live in Berwick just across the Atchafalaya River from Morgan City where my studio is located. They’re a perfect example of my belief that every family has a story worth documenting. Even though Brittany and Kyle are both parents already, this is their first baby together. They decided that maternity photos would capture the unique joy baby Thomas is bringing their family.


When Brittany came in for her maternity photos, she was about 32 weeks along in her pregnancy. This is a time when a lot of pregnant people start to get a little uncomfortable, but Brittany was up for anything I suggested in her session. She was so easy going when it came to posing.


I love that working in my studio allows us to get perfect light and coordinate backdrops for every image. We all hear talk about pregnant people glowing. You can really see it with this soft, even lighting. The contrast with the beautiful light and the black backdrop makes Brittany look like she’s straight out of a magazine.

glamorous maternity photo


In these studio photos, Brittany got to wear lots of different looks. I provide a complementary wardrobe to my clients, and Brittany chose stunning styles that suited her personality. She chose several sheer outfits. These photos are intimate but fun. Brittany looks so at ease.


Brittany chose a black dress with lots of drama for her final studio look. Pregnancy is a time when you get to channel your inner goddess. Maternity photos capture the beauty but also the strength of pregnancy. The images from this part of Brittany’s session show a different side of her, one that’s powerful and capable. Having a studio session gave her the space to express all of these sides of herself and her experience of pregnancy.


Documenting Family Bonds

When we first started planning Brittany’s maternity photos, she planned on only solo portraits. Eventually, the rest of the family wanted to join in, so we added an outdoor portion to the session. A pregnancy does involve the whole family after all. Thomas is also named for his grandfather, so you can tell how family-oriented Brittany and Kyle are.


I appreciated giving Brittany and her fiancé Kyle the chance to pose together. Their bond really shines through in their photos. They absolutely light up when they look at each other, and their excitement about Thomas is palpable. 


Having their other children involved in the maternity photos gave them a chance to feel like part of the process of welcoming their new sibling too. There’s no doubt they’re excited about their little brother. These family portraits will be a beautiful legacy. I can just imagine the family sitting together years from now showing Thomas these photos they took to celebrate Brittany and him.

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