Products Newborn Parents ShoUldn't Live Without

Over the years I have found some wonderful products that helps newborn relax and be at ease during their session. Majority of clients that come in for their little one’s session asks me how I get them to sleep so good. Well, these products really help but I can’t give all of my secrets (ha, ha). Just kidding, here’s some of my favorite things:

                   - we all make that noise to help settle baby, let this do it for you ;)

You can find this on Amazon: 

Baby Shusher

                                - this mat makes babies feel like they are at the spa getting a nice soft massage. It’s the perfect little vibration that just gets them relaxed. 

There’s a number of stores that sell these mats including:
Baby Brezza Smart Mat, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Best Buy

Baby Brezza Smart Mat

I also love diffusing Lavender essential oils. It not only helps with the newborn but parents as well. It’s a little roller coaster having a baby, getting settled at home, recovering, and having lack of sleep.
Most clients come in a rest and having the lavender diffusing helps to calm body and mind.

I use Young Living essential oils in my studio and home. It smells soooo wonderful!!
You can find the diffuser and essential oils here: Young Living Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

                                    is the absolute best nursery heater. The air is not too hot but a nice warm air flow. This heater doesn’t get hot to the touch and it has a safety switch. If it tip or if it’s not on a flat space it won’t come on. I have used Vornado Baby space heaters for over 10 years now. They are great when giving baby a bath or if the nursery has a little chill.

My favorite store sells this amazing product....AMAZON! Click Here To Check it Out!

Vornado Baby Space Heater